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The European Union might have secured the monopoly on the name Cognac but that has not stopped South Africa from producing our own world-famous Cognac known as Potstill Brandy. 

More and more South Africans together with the rest of the world are coming around to the fact that the best brandy outside of France is produced in South Africa due to the unique South African soil and climatic conditions. South African brandies have been winning accolades at the International Wine and Spirit Competition since 1950. The boutique distilleries that produce unique gems in very small quantities appeal most to me, these would include the seven year old William Robertson potstill brandy. Die Mas is another with their four and a half year old potstill brandy distilled on a vineyard on the banks of the Orange River in the Northern Cape, bottled in 500 ml bottles in batches of approximately 2 000 at a time.